Jens Lodholm



Wordsmithing began for me before my memories do, naturally enough through reading. I have my parents and grandparents to thank for instilling in me a love of books at the age of four. (At least, that's what they tell me.) In second grade, I won a prize from Mrs. Kanekoa for number of books read during the year. As I got older, most of my allowance went toward fantasy and science fiction novels, which I devoured.

And out of a passion for reading emerged an ability to string words together. In high school, teachers started telling me I had a knack for writing. Mr. Jeff Jones, in particular, encouraged me to develop the talent.

In college, my english composition teacher handed a creative assignment back to the rest of the class, but kept me after. A heaviness hung over me as if I were in trouble. "How did you get the idea for your story?" she demanded. I told her the creative process my mind had gone through, simple as it was. She relaxed and handed back my assignment with a perfect grade. I was dumbfounded. She gave no interpretation, and I didn't ask. It took me years to piece together what had probably happened that day.

The next year, in a technical writing course, every one of my assignments came back with a grade so good it surprised me. Slowly, it began to occur to me that I might be good at writing.

But studying first under a business administration major, and later architecture, I didn't make a career connection. Instead, I ended up supporting Macintosh computers in almost every conceivable way. For decades, writing was just a hobby, a lunchtime escape from the pressures of work.

When one of my fantasy short stories got published in Breakaway Magazine, I experienced a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment like never before. It was nearly followed by another, until the magazine was dissolved during a budget crisis, before my second story saw daylight.

A few years later, my experience as a professional Macintosh consultant led me into writing articles for iBusiness, a digital magazine focused on Apple technologies in business. I am now on the lookout for more opportunities to share from my passions and experience.